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California is the home state for the microelectronics industry, boasting the region known as “Silicon Valley,” even though that region has changed dramatically since the chip industry launched decades ago. But California is still the nation’s epicenter of technology with a long history of innovation and progress, and SCAN CA is an opportunity to refortify the region’s semiconductor workforce.


A number of SEMI member Bay Area companies have been working to launch a Registered Apprenticeship Program through SCAN. We are thrilled to announce that Applied Materials, Infinera, and Western Digital have hired apprentices. Other companies are moving through the process, and we anticipate their programs will launch soon.

Stay tuned for updates on their progress and new apprenticeship openings at other SCAN employers in the region. If your company is interested in building a Registered Apprenticeship Program or learning more about the model, please reach out to


We are thrilled to announce that in fall of 2023, in collaboration with our dedicated employers and partners, SCAN-CA proudly unveiled California’s pioneering Registered Apprenticeship Program for the semiconductor industry. We’re honored to be the first to receive approval from the U.S. Department of Labor and CA Division of Apprenticeship Standards for this program in California. Through SCAN, employers are offering apprentices a golden opportunity to join the industry, supported with comprehensive on-the-job training and specialized educational courses. We invite more employers to join this groundbreaking initiative. For details, reach out to


A partnership between the SEMI Foundation, Ignited, and Foothill College was awarded a California Apprenticeship Initiative grant administered by The Foundation for California Community Colleges and the California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office to launch SCAN as a Registered Apprenticeship program.

To launch the process, we completed an industry needs survey that identified the entry-level roles our member companies need.

From those results, we mapped competencies to help determine the necessary skillsets, knowledge bases, and abilities required to fulfill the in-demand roles our industry partners need to fill. We then developed a curriculum and defined work processes with employers, and we are currently spreading the word about our program and its amazing opportunities to more employers and job seekers.


SCAN, a program of the SEMI Foundation, will develop the foundational and specialized skills needed for well-paid, high-demand jobs and improve long-term career opportunities and overall industry retention for graduates. Anyone can find success in this industry, and SCAN is here to show the way.

meet the california team

Omar Baza | SCAN California
Omar Baza joined the SEMI Foundation as Sr. Specialist of Workforce & Training Operations in June 2024.

Omar will be supporting SEMI Foundation workforce and training programs through the SCAN initiative. He will work in close collaboration with a wide range of stakeholders, including employers, program participants, job seekers, partners, and government agencies, to coordinate and implement programs that improve the growing workforce for the microelectronics industry.

Before joining SEMI, Omar worked in higher education and workforce development. His most recent role was as a Senior Grant Administrator for the Foundation for California Community Colleges, where he was responsible for the implementation and oversight of state and federal grants.

In his spare time, Omar enjoys frequent trips to the San Diego Zoo with his fiancé and 16-month-old daughter. His household also consists of two cats and a high-maintenance Betta fish.

Berton Mahardja | SCAN California
Anissa Hamdon-Morison joined the SEMI Foundation as a Curriculum Developer and Training Manager in June 2024.

Anissa will be responsible for designing, developing, and partnering with robust training programs that improve outcomes for employees, job seekers, and member companies. She will analyze employer data, worker wisdom, and training partner capabilities to update, revise, and create curriculum and training programs, as well as assist the SEMI Foundation in becoming a certified training body.

Before joining SEMI, Anissa was in a project management role with ASML, focusing on new product introduction and cross-sector collaboration. She also has many years of experience in teaching and learning, having worked in K-12 education and as a manager of training and curriculum development in the public sector.

In her spare time, Anissa enjoys playing tennis, reading, and soaking up San Diego sunshine with her family.

Berton Mahardja | SCAN California
Berton Mahardja joined the SEMI Foundation in September 2021 as Senior Manager, Global Education Initiatives. Berton will help envision, design, and lead the expansion of current programs and the creation of new programs that support STEM learning for students and adults. He will evolve, deliver, and grow successful global programs, build relationships with member companies and educational institutions, and enhance the impact and effectiveness of all of SEMI Foundation’s education programs.

Before joining SEMI, Berton led a successful school turnaround as the Vice Principal at Redwood High School in Redwood City, California that decreased school policy violations by 89%, lowered school suspensions by 70%, and raised attendance rates by 18%. Prior to that position, Berton served as Director of Teacher Engagement at Teach for America, and as a Special Education Teacher, Resource Specialist for San Jose Unified School District. Berton enjoys skiing, traveling, and cooking.

Clarissa Marks | SCAN California
Clarissa Marks joined the Foundation as a Contract Compliance & Data Administrator in June 2024.

Clarissa will be responsible for developing and executing administrative setup and operations of SEMI Foundation and SEMI Career and Apprenticeship Network (SCAN) programs, particularly in California.

Before joining SEMI, Clarissa worked as a Director of Program Operations for a non-profit called UpStart, which provides training and skill-building for entrepreneurial social enterprise leaders. She brings a wealth of experience and expertise in grant administration and management in public and non-profit roles. She has also worked as a podcast producer, developing branded podcasts and educational audio.

In her spare time, Clarissa enjoys listening to music, playing guitar, and watching movies with her spouse and grumpy cat.

Berton Mahardja | SCAN California
Purvi Rami joined the SEMI Foundation as a Program Manager, Registered Apprenticeships in January 2024. She is responsible for developing the capacity and expertise of the SEMI Foundation in building and supporting Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) and engaging community organizations as thought partners around RAP design, delivery, and execution. Specifically, Purvi collaborates with community organizations to increase awareness of apprenticeships in the microelectronics industry in California and support the success of program participants. A key part of her work is reaching out to underserved communities and helping to shift an industry toward more inclusive and equitable hiring and retention.

Before joining SEMI, Purvi was a program manager for the Healthcare Career Advancement Program (H-CAP), where she facilitated a statewide initiative to create a supportive network of labor-management training partnerships, resulting in federal registration of new apprenticeship programs, a streamlined state healthcare apprenticeship registration process, and the development of a coordinated strategy for healthcare apprenticeship expansion in California. She comes to the SEMI Foundation with over 15 years of experience working for public, private, and government sector organizations focused on education, workforce development, philanthropy, and healthcare. Purvi holds a Master of Public Administration (MPA) and received her Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Communication Studies from UCLA. Outside of work, Purvi enjoys reading, walking, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Berton Mahardja | SCAN California
Rob Sanger joined the SEMI Foundation in January 2024 as a Program Manager, Workforce & Training for California. Rob is responsible for developing the capacity and expertise of the SEMI Foundation in building and supporting Registered Apprenticeship Programs (RAPs) for roles in microelectronics in California and scaling apprenticeship programs across several employers. A key part of his work is developing partnerships across member companies, government agencies, service providers, and much more.

Before joining SEMI, Rob served as the Director of Workforce Programs at the California Manufacturers & Technology Association (CMTA). At CMTA, Rob directed the marketing, sales, training, and strategic planning for workforce incentive partnerships with the State of California and the Federal Government. Rob also worked as a Program Manager at Applied Materials earlier in his career. He comes to SEMI with over 20 years of experience in workforce development, training, and public-private partnerships. Rob holds a Bachelor of Science from the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, NY. Rob enjoys hiking, skiing, and outrigger canoe paddling in his free time in Northern California.


California Community Colleges

Funding Partner
Seeks to create new and innovative apprenticeship opportunities in priority and emerging industry sectors.

Foothill College

Local Education Agency Partner
Provides community college programming for the classroom portion of apprenticeship.



These companies are collaborating with SEMI Foundation to build their first registered apprenticeship program in the Bay Area.

If you or someone you know is looking for a rewarding career, we’ve got the training and resources necessary to succeed. Let us show you what a career in the tech industry looks like—no experience or background required.

If you or someone you know is looking for a rewarding career, we’ve got the training and resources necessary to succeed. Let us show you what a career in the tech industry looks like— no experience or background required.



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