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If you want to work for a company at the cutting edge of technology that values and invests in its employees, SCAN can help. Through SCAN, you can develop the foundational and specialized skills needed for a well-paying, high-demand job and build pathways to advancement in the microelectronics industry.




Discover various career paths, or take a job match assessment tailored to your interests and skills.

Chip In | Semiscan

This PBS documentary provides insights into what life is like for professionals in the industry.

SemiStories | Semiscan

Industry professionals talk about their work, their passions, and the journey to their careers.


How can we help you? Contact the SEMI Career & Apprenticeship Network to begin your journey.

SCAN, a program of the SEMI Foundation, provides training in professional skills, hands-on learning, connections to employers, jobs with great potential for career advancement, and opportunities to connect with like-minded people. We work to create economic opportunity and mobility in the communities we serve, changing lives, families, and communities for the better. Participation in the SCAN program can help you to:

  • Learn and apply high-demand skills in quality, well-paid positions
  • Broaden skills and experience for a fast-growing career
  • Earn portable and stackable credentials

  • Earn credits toward the completion of a degree/certificate with partnering community colleges

We warmly welcome and encourage people of all backgrounds to join the microelectronics industry. We are here to support you and connect you to the companies seeking talent.



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